At the beginning their were the gods. After Millennia they decided to create life, and so they took a part of themselves and created the Unseile, the first of the Fey. The Unseile were a reflection of what the gods saw as good, but were often emotionally immature, as were the relatively young Deities who created them. With the help of the Unseile who had power beyond imagining the gods created life on a world that was a barren rock. For a time that is all their was, and though the gods and their children were young, and often gave into their darker emotions all was in harmony. After thousands of years the Gods created the primordial races, each linked to a particular deity. Feklyrre created the [Gnomes; Vecturn the Dwarves; Ashtovyrre gave birth to the Elves, and Beshurn the Orcs. These new races looked to the Unseile and saw what was good in them, and what was good in the gods, despite that they could be petty, jealous and cruel. for aeons more this was life on the planet Aessevar, until the gods decided to create a fifth race that would take from each of the gods. Thus Humanity was born, and they were given a place to live. Unfortunately in humanity the gods saw more of a reflection or their dark nature than in any of the other races. As the humans grew they became warlike, and turned away from the gods, jealously seeing them as hoarding their power. Humans built massive civilizations, and created marvelous and terrible technologies, and then turned them at the rest of the world in a massive war that took place over centuries. At this time the gods created the Seile, to the cries of pain, and anger of their cousins. The Seile were like the Unseile a reflection of the values that the gods thought important, but they were like the gods had become, were more gentle,loving and forgiving. The gods sent the Seile to the humans, hoping that their youngest children would return to them. Instead the fey were seen as a threat to human independence and were hunted like alongside the primordial races.

One hundred and fifty years ago Humanity spread across the globe, Having swept the other races to the most remote corners of the planet. Humanity in it’s hubris sought to overcome nature, instead of living in harmony with it. They built technological marvels turning even the weather to their whim, until eventually they sought to overcome death.(1) They delved deep into the earth invading Dwarven holy places in search of the most precious of metals, until eventually Humanity achieved what they perceived as their greatest triumph; Phylacteries. These clockwork beings were designed to hold the spiritual energy of a being, allowing humans to overcome their mortality. The Gods were furious, and in their anger listened one last time their darker nature; The Unseile beseeched the gods to punish Humanity, and they listened. In their divine anger the gods lashed out at the children who had spurned them, sending forth a pestilence that rendered humans infertile. If they wanted immortality they would not have the gift of life. The gods through their clerics, and druids let it be known that if humanity turned back to the gods they would cure the disease. Instead Humanity turned to their Assembly of wizardry, each of the human kingdoms paying huge fees to the wizards to cure the plague themselves. The Wizards worked for nearly ten years before they thought the had sufficiently solved the problem. Using great and powerful magics the Assembly attempted to remove the pestilence from someone who had been afflicted. Instead they altered the man creating Entropy Minions. The destroyers of life were unleashed upon an unsuspecting world, caught completely off guard due to their utter faith that The Assembly would prevail. Humanity fought back against these creatures but to no avail, they were simply too powerful. The Entropy Minions spawned more of themselves, even turning members of the primordial races into their foul brethren. Eventually the Gods took pity on the world and gave from their being four seeds that were to grow to become the world trees. For reasons unknown only one took root in Grove. This tree created a sacred barrier around the island of Grove which the Entropy Minions could not pass. Eventually the survivors of the races made their way to Grove to start a new life, the primordial races hoping that Humans had learned from their folly. Instead Humanity turned even farther from the Gods and built their massive walled city called Telgreive, Gods Spurned in the archaic human dialect Zekirrii. This city is a bastion of Human arrogance, from which they attempt to destroy the natural order on Grove. Fortunately their are simply too many of the Primordial races and fey for Humanity to be able to spread out across the island, so they live their lives in walled heavily fortified cities glaring in hatred at the fey.

(1)“When Humanity first looked to the heavens, they found the gods already waiting for them. That is the story we have all been told, but I say it is a lie! They are powerful beings yes, but not gods. If they were gods would they keep their power all for themselves? I think not. I know you think that these glorified Fey are omnipotent, but I tell you they are not the only ones with power. Last week I repaired a rupture on a man’s spleen. Me, not some metaphor for the cycle of nature. I opened him up, repaired the damage, then sew the whole thing back up. Then I treated him with an alchemical compound that I created, and the whole mess healed clean in a couple of hours. Did I need the ‘gods’ then? Most insulting of all is one gift they hoard for themselves: Immortality! I am here to tell you that I have created a way for humans to attain immortality. I call them Phylactories…”
Public address given at town hall by Maurice M. Masterson, head of Special Research Devision

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Twilight of the Gods

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