Baalurr is much less muscled than other Dwarves, reflecting a life of study, rather than one of war. he wears mail, covered by a thick white surcoat trimmed with royal blue, while his pants, and shirt are both royal blue. Over shoulder is a thick chain that binds a thick leather tomb at his side. He has numerous scrolls strapped to his frame, as well as quills, and other writting implements. He was long white hair and beard, both of which have bread in them. He is however bald at the crown. He carries a large hammer at his side. Baaldur’s eyes glow white with divine energey. Baaldur is also a winterwolf. He seems to have made friends with Tryst, they spend long periods in taciturn silence.

Health: OOO++
Offense: OO+++
Defense: OOOO+
Speed: O++++
Versatility: O++++
Support: OOOO+



Twilight of the Gods Gedeihen