Elain Caelsach

Lady of house Caelsach


Name: Elain Caelsach
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 38
Height: 5’11
Weight: 150

Elain is Uaine’s Mother and Osanán’s wife. She is a tall elegant woman with flaring hips and ample bosom. Her long hair is fiery red and her eyes are a light shade of green. She is a wise and compassionate person, who will sacrifice anything for the well being of her husband and children. Elain is aware of the overpopulation of Grove. Therefore she has opted to have a maximum of two children.

Elain is a powerful sorceress and is very religious. She has vast knowledge of nature and fey alike. She has even taught secret lessons to her children in the fey language sylvan. Osanán found out about this and forbade Elain from ever exposing Liam and Uaine to any more religious studies. Understanding the reasons behind her husband’s demands, she now only secretly practices in solitude.

Though the sorceress has no experience in the art of blacksmithing, she does however excel in enchantment magic. When needed she will enchant the works of her husband with powerful spells.


Elain Caelsach

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