Liam Caelsach

Sorcerer prodigy of house Caelsach


Name: Liam Caelsach
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Height: 6’1
Weight: 150

Liam is Uaine’s older brother and son of Osanán and Elain. Unlike Uaine Liam was born with a rather frail body. He is tall, lanky and has close to zero muscle mass or fat. He has soft green eyes with jet black hair. He has some freckles on his face, but has very few overall compared to his sister. Where Liam falters in his physical aspects, he excels in his intellect and personality. He is certainly the most intelligent member of the family and is a lady killer to boot. Liam is a cocky smartass who aspires to do great things when he’s head of the family. Recently, The left side of his face was badly burnt, turning his features oddly.

Liam inherited sorcerer’s blood from his mother and is a complete natural at wielding magic. He has also been trained as a blacksmith by his father, but does not share the same level of passion for it as Uaine does. Like Elain, Liam does enchantment jobs for the works of the family.
He wears robes of the assembly which are red. After his father paid a large bribe, and due to his natural skill he was released from the Academy, but was assigned as Magical Advisor the the commander of Minetown, effectively imprisoning him there.


Liam Caelsach

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