Marco Dibiasio


Name: Marco Dibiasio
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5’11
Weight: 142 LBS
Age: 21

Marco is a handsome young man with short jet black hair and light blue eyes. He looks younger then he actually is, but his eyes and demeanour hold the intellect and wisdom of someone beyond his years. He is extremely skinny with hardly any fat or muscle on his frame. He is not strong, dexterous or hardy, but what he lacks in physical prowess he makes up for in his indomitable will.

When Marco walks into a room there is not a single person who does not notice him. His presence and charisma are almost tangible. People hang on his every word and are inspired by being in proximity of this man. Since becoming a paladin, his massive amounts of self-confidence and willpower have multiplied the strength given to him tenfold.

Marco was raised by his wealthy merchant parents. He is used to high society and dresses appropriately. He only wears the latest fashions and the most expensive materials. This still holds true now that he is adventuring. “If I’m going to be saving the world, I may as well look good while doing it” – Marco

Marco has been given power over spirits by the gods. He can pull essences from the Great Spirit and infuse it and its past experiences into other living beings. He can also summon powerful physical manifestations of spirits.

Health: OO+++
Offense: +++++
Defense: O++++
Speed: OO+++
Versatility: OOO++
Support: OOOO+


Marco Dibiasio

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