Maria Dibiasio


Name: Maria Dibiasio
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5’5
Weight: 130 LBS
Age: 19

Maria is Marco’s wife and SOUL mate. As a spirit she takes the form of her original self. She has a slight build with slanting shoulders. She has a round pretty face with blue eyes and long wavy blond hair. Her smile is thin and peaceful and her voice is as sweet as a cherry. She wears a simple one piece dress that seems to blow gently in the wind. In her spirit form she is a translucent bluish green and phases in and out of sight.

Maria usually does not say much when she is in battle, but when it is calm people often see Marco talking to thin air. Maria is the balancing factor to Marco’s huge ego. She won’t hold back when she sees Marco acting like a douchbag.

Health: OOO++
Offense: OOOOO
Defense: OO+++
Speed: OO+++
Versatility: OOO++
Support: OO+++


Maria Dibiasio

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