Orchid (Uaine Caelsach)

The Steel Wall


Name: Orchid (Uaine Caelsach)
Race: Human Woodling
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Height: 5’10
Weight: 200LBS (330LBS in armor and other gear)

Physical: Orchid’s body is comprised of wood, her skin being smooth mahogany bark. She is tall, has a toned body and flaring hips. Her hair is made up of thin vines that carry red orchid blossoms. Where ever she goes a sweet flowery smell is ever present. She Generally wears an oval, white metal mask with red orchids painted onto it. The glow from her eys are seen through the mask’s circular eye holes. her right eye glows green while her left glows red shaped like the symbol of the gods.

Orchid wears a beautifully crafted spiked fullplate that snuggly envelops all the curves of her body. The armor is polished so regularly that one can see their own reflection in it. She also dons two spiked steel shields that are roughly the size of a car door. The first is elegantly made with many tasteful curves and patterns. The second was made by dwarves. It is very solid and rectangular.

Health: OOOO+
Offense: OO+++
Defense: OOOOO
Speed: O++++
Versatility: OO+++
Support: OO+++


Orchid has the mentality of a soldier and is thus very disciplined. She is always wakes up before dawn, keeps up her training, periodically works on her armours and mans her weapon shop. She is open minded, reserved, witty and sassy. Recent events have made her much more withdrawn than she used to be. She doesn’t often seek out people to talk to, but that doesn’t mean she dislikes having a good conversation. Her thought patterns in battle are very ridged, logical and tactically sound. She often shouts well thought out orders in the mist of battle. But certain party members choose to ignore her advice, therefore making the battles tougher than they should be.

When the Caelsach family arrived at haven 120 years ago, they had lost everything but their names in the chaos. After everything settled, they managed to maintain nobility status by allying themselves with house Milbern. The Caelsachs were arguably the best blacksmiths in the land, thus Milbern saw fit to keep them afloat. In the present day though still dwarfed by house Milbern, Clan Caelsach has reattain much of their wealth and power.

Uaine Caelsach was born on the 99th year of the twilight of the gods, to her mother Elain and father Osanán. She is the younger of two siblings, the older being her brother Liam. At an early age it was discovered that she had a natural talent and passion of crafting arms and armor.

At the age of 19 Uaine caught the eye of the archduke’s son Ambrose. He proclaimed then and there that they will be married, and had his father set up a wedding. This did not sit well with our red haired heroine and she resisted as much as she could. With her wedding day approaching fast, she was desperately trying to find a way out of her predicament. Until one day she found an old forgotten obsolete law within the Milbern house. This law prevented anyone including dukes and archdukes from wedding army personnel. So without telling anyone, Uaine applied and was accepted into the army.

Now usually when someone of noble status enlists, they are put in a position that is out of harm’s way. But to Uaines dismay this was not the case. When Ambrose found out, he was downright furious. Out of spite he pulled some strings to get Uaine put into the most hardcore unit the army had at its disposal; The Charge Crashers. Equipped with dual massive shields and heavy armor, as their name suggests they run head first into a charging enemy army and break up their formations. The Caelsachs were shocked at their daughter’s decision but also were bitter towards the Milberns.

So our young warrior went through rigorous training for over a year. In the end she was a lean mean wrecking ball of a machine. Right out of boot camp she was plunged into her first battle. House Milbern discovered of a smaller family, House Moroe, who were trying to usurp power from them. The battle was an absolute victory for the forces of Milbern. After everything settled, a couple of charge breakers took Uaine into a nearby forest to perform some first battle hazing rituals. After they were done her fellow soldiers thought it funny to slip away from her and leave her alone in the forest.

Sadly Uaine became lost and wandered the forest until nightfall. She decided to set up camp and make a fire. Unbeknownst to our freckled friend, she had stumbled into a sacred grove of a powerful fey. This Fey did not take kindly to her fire starting and confronted her. She couldn’t quite make out the figure in front of her, but she heard its angry voice loud and clear. It yelled at her for defiling the land and that she should learn to respect nature. The figure then mentioned something about a curse and she lost consciousness. She later awoke possibly days later in an area she was not familiar with.

Orchid (Uaine Caelsach)

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