Osanán Caelsach

Most renowned blacksmith on grove.


Name: Osanán Caelsach
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 46
Height: 6’4
Weight: 270

Osanán Caelsach Is Uaine’s Father and head of the Caelsach family. He is a mountain of a man sporting bulging muscles throughout his frame due to many years working as a blacksmith. He has deep green eyes and long flowing graying black hair. By looking at his face one can see the great resolve, a fierce personality and strong morals.

Osanán is one of the best and most renowned blacksmiths in Grove. He works hard every day in the smithy with the rest of his extended family and non-family apprentices. Osanán does not believe in modern factories to get his work done. He says that “It is heart and sweat that create art, not machines”.

The blacksmith’s views on religion are ones of indifference. He does not practice nor does he condemn the pious. His personal views are similar towards the fey, though he would never admit it. He puts up a stance of disapproval when it comes to fey. He does this to be in the good favors of house Milbern, who are rather against religion and fey. Even though Osanán is a man with strong principles, ultimately he does not want his family to get hurt.


Osanán Caelsach

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