Samuel Rubik


Name: Samuel (Sammy) Rubik
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 5’10
Weight: 160LBS

Sam has a slim figure, emerald-green eyes and long black hair, neatly held back in a ponytail. These days, he usually wears his cleric robes that were given to him by the Gods. Upon the chest of his robes is the symbol of the Gods, overlapping the very same symbol that glows a brilliant white from upon his flesh. Beneath his robes, Sam wears the very first piece of armor he ever owned, breastplate bought for him by Orchid. Attached to his belt is a ring, holding his temple sword at his side.


Sam grew up in Telgrieve with his parents Jim and Carolyn. His mother worked part-time as a midwife, and spent most of her days as a mother at home tending to Samuel and housework. His father, a Magus of The Assembly, ran a small magic item’s shop, while spending most of his time at home doing independent research. An intelligent man with much promise, James Samuel Rubik never ascended very high in the hierarchy of wizards. However passionate he was about his research, it was viewed by most as dangerous, and a waste of effort with no backing to it.

At the age of eight, Sam’s parents died in a mysterious explosion that burned down his house. Left an orphan, The Assembly took him in. Upon reaching the age of ten, Sam became a Novice and started his schooling as a wizard of The Assembly. Over the course of his studies, he developed a knack for illusions, and it slowly became his specialty.

One night, Sam heard a knock at his door. However, when he went to answer it, no one was there. Instead, he found a small box lying at his doorstep. Inside of it were several scrolls and documents, most of them so burned and destroyed that they were barely legible at all. Upon closer inspection, Sam realized that this had to be the remains of his father’s research. From what little he could decipher, he discovered that his father was working on uncovering the secrets of the lost arcane school of Evocation.

Although unsure of why or how he came into possession of his father’s documents, Samuel decided to continue his father’s research in secret.

At the age of nineteen, now a Proctor close to graduating from his studies, Samuel accompanied his overseer, Master Zaytak, on a mission to House Graves. While collecting spell components in the graveyard, Sam met the druid Kallahad, who claimed to have had a dream about him, and was expecting to meet him there. Little did Samuel know that that was the day his entire life would change.

You all know where the story goes from there. From one chaotic adventure to the next, Samuel has grown and changed, and now stands beside the Dreamers and his fellow Paladins of the Gods as the age’s first and only Cleric, hoping to make a difference in a world controlled and befouled by his former brethren of The Assembly.

Samuel Rubik

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