Tag: Grove


  • Snrvendervallen

    A small village at the top of [[Mount Frykho]], now home the the Sylvan elders [[Frihah, and Kholo]]. It was once one of the hidden villages that the Gnomes would use to raise their young.

  • Mount Frykho

    Mount Frykho is a large mountain located in western Grove. It is home to the [[Milbern]] mining operation [[Minetown]], and the [[Dwarves| Dwarven]] city of [[Kastun]] which is deep below the earth. The peek of the mountain is home to both the abandoned …

  • Minetown

    Minetown if the [[Milbern]] mining operation in Grove. The city is well defended and extends deep below the earth. [[:orchid | Uaine's]] brother [[:liam-caelsach]] is the second in command in Minetown, but he is their only so that he can be kept under …

  • Kastun

    Kastun is the sole remaining Dwarven city. located deep beneath [[Mount Frykho]] it was a beautiful display of Dwarven craftsmanship. the entire city makes a wondrous mosaic when viewed from the highest level, and each building is a latticework of …

  • Aiye-Maht

    Aiye-Maht is a massive translucent purple tower lacated in western [[Grove]] just past [[Mount Frykho]] It was created by the [[Sylvan Elders|Sylvan Elder]] [[:saelynne]] and is a meeting place for the Fey in the area. The specific magic involved in its …

  • Telgreive

    Telgreive is a massive packed city that is the capitol of the [[Humans|Human]] population in [[Grove]] The city is divided into numerous districts separated by income, and class. in general the rich have more space than they need, and live in opulence, …

  • Kanta Plantation

    There are multiple Kanta Plantaions across [[Grove]]. Kanta Grows in swamp land, and these areas have been heavily altered by magic to maximise Kanta production; Strong weather magics keep the temperature and humidity in these areas at a constant, despite …

  • Quarry

    Located to the south of [[Telgreive]] this is where the majority of the stone used by the humans is harvested.

  • Logging Camp

    Located in various places around [[Grove]] these camps are heavily defended and are constantly attacked by [[Fey]], and the primordial races, especially [[Elves]].

  • Fishtown

    Their are two places called Fishtown, disambiguated by the cardinal points north and east. these are semi-permanent towns that function only to ship newly caught fish to [[Telgreive]] for sale

  • Picon City

    Picon City is the centre of power of [[House Auberge]]. Not a true city, but a number of heavily defended ports, towns, and forts, grouped close together. Picon City is the only city with the capability of producing ships, and is the largest harvester of …

  • Geshard City

    Like [[Picon City]] Geshard city could be more accurately described as a number of small towns and and forts arrayed across the hills closely enough that they can defend each other. Recently almost all of the city fell under the power of [[House Caelsach …

  • House Caelsach

    Located in [[Geshard City]] House Caelsach is the major provider of arms and armour to [[Milbern|House Milbern]]. After a recent power play, they took control of most of the city, forcing the other houses to swear fealty to them.

  • Elleh Yirenad

    Elleh Yirenad is the Elven Cave City located in eastern Grove. Located underground the city has never been found by [[Humans]]. Effectively a large network of caves that open to the see the city is the perfect habitat for the amphibious Elves