Dwarves are the children of Vecturn. their craftsmanship is unrivalled by any of the other races. They have the power to shape metal and stone to their whim to varying degrees. They love stories, and songs and have a strong tradition of bards, their name for themselves meaning “Rock Singers”. They are extremely loyal, and proud of their work.

Dwarves Are powerfully built. Tending towards stocky, and muscled they are well disciplined and terrifying in combat. They favour hammers and heavy armour, often wearing their armour outside of combat. Most Dwarves are just under 1.5 meters, they are heavily bearded, and have much body hair, even among females, though most females have little or no facial hair. their skin tone tends to be rather pale as they do are not often exposed to sunlight, and their hair varies in hues though the average is black, brown, or red.

Dwarves practice both communism and participatory democracy, Each minister in the council responsible to his voters opinion. Each Minister is responsible to four hundred voters who meet in halls across the city and vote on major issues, the minister in turn represents those voters in the Parliamentary Council. The Minister Elect leads the Parliament for a period of one year, and is elected by unanimous vote by the other 49 ministers

Dwarves do not care for Humans as they attach Dwarven Mining operations. The Humans in Minetown have not yet found Kastun which has served to keep hostilities lower.


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