House Graves

House Graves has almost all of its’ lands in Telgrieve city. In fact the only exceptions are the numerous Kanta farms they own, (And devote most of their military to protecting, as it is the major source of their income.) accounting for nearly eighty percent of total Kanta production. They also have minor mining operations. Their architecture tends towards arabesque, construction often delayed weeks or months to make sure the design is perfect. Though slavery is frowned upon, house Graves does practice indentured servitude. Of all the Noble houses, house Graves has the fewest vassal houses, instead relying on their own population. Due to this they have a smaller number of trained troops, so they often employ mercenaries, most notably the Red Canary Mercenary company, who augment House Graves operations wherever they may be. Their one advantage in politics is that they control so much of the islands Kanta production, which is used in everything from food to clothing, as well as medicines. This means that no house will move against them openly without support of the others, because it could mean the loss of this important resource. Their Military favours scythes, reflecting their past as a massive farming coalition called the United City States. Their Nobility has an obsession with the rapier, many owning completely decorative rapiers that cost more than a peasant would see in a thousand lifetimes. The Politics of House Graves are brutal. In fact it is rumoured that Count Graves came into power by framing his father for treason and having him tortured to death. Most nobility have stepped over at least one body to get where they are, and must constantly guard against the same happening to them. They are clandestine in their attempts at power; vary rarely openly attacking someone, but sending men of the night, or ruining them financially.

The common dress is similar to that of the French revolution. Flamboyant, colourful, and mostly impractical.

Indentured Servants wear whatever their master give them, usually drab colours, and of simple make.

Physically they tend towards gaunt. They have an obsession with physical appearance, seeing any fat as hideous. Even their soldiers are more slight of build than one would expect, which may explain why they leave so much of the heavy lifting to the Red Canaries.

Their colours are Royal Blue and gold, and their crest is an ornate golden crown.

House Graves

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