House Milbern
House Milbern has a large estate in the core of Telgrieve. In appearance they are similar to the Roman Empire. Their buildings are austere, made from the brightest of marble. Most their buildings have columns, and tiled roofs of fired red clay. Their Land has a large statue Garden, with statues of their great leaders, and heroes. (After the fall this was the first thing the newly risen ArchDuke had constructed, and it has been much added to since.) Slaves are kept in most households, and are sometimes even given military rank in return for freedom after the term of service. (fifteen years) Slave soldiers are given the jobs with the highest risk of mortality, and very few actually see the end of their service. House Milbern has a number of vassal houses, especially in Minetown, affording their soldiers equipment of exceptional quality. The military of House Milbern is exceptionally well trained, and armed with a number of specialized teams including the Flying Shield Wall, a company of soldiers who wield two extreme shields. They are often used to absorb the charge of an enemy army before falling back, or holding points of contention until reinforcements can arrive.
To each other they are generally very friendly and helpful, willing to put their lives on the line for one another if faced with an external threat. Their politics tend to be straight forward, often ending with highly ritualised public duels. They are masters at record keeping, and renowned bankers. They control most money brokers in the city. They also produce some of the only silk, and usually reserve it for their nobles as opposed to selling it openly. The favoured weapon is the short sword, since it is an excellent weapon in formation fighting.

Physically they tend towards short with dark hair. Most men are clean-shaven.

The common dress for men is sandals with togas. In winter they wear heavy cloaks of fur over their togas and Kanta wool socks under their sandals. Their hair is often close cropped, and professional. Women mostly wear white dresses with coloured silk shawls. Piercing are not common, however anklets and bracelets are worn by most. Sandals are the norm for women.

Slaves of both sex wear drab grey robes.

Their Colours are black and purple, their crest is a shield with crossed sword and pick behind it.


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