The Assembly

The assembly is headed by Grand Master Lohk. Located off the coast of Grove, they are extremely secular, allowing none other than their own access to the island. The Assembly Runs the Wizardry Academy, which is designed to teach the magic arts. They will train members of other houses for extreme prices, but even then those magus would be given no access to the island beyond the school, and would be put under spell to never reveal what they have seen. These magi usually go on to become personal magical advisers to the Houses who paid for their training. The Assembly also sends out some of its members into Grove to find those with magical aptitude and bring them to the academy, this is how true members of the Assembly are found. After the arduous training process in the academy these individuals are allowed to participate in a secret initiation instead of being sent back to their sponsor houses, after which they are given the rank of Sorcerer and allowed access to the isle of the Assembly. Training takes at least ten years, often more, before an apprentice can graduate. And at any time the academy reserves the right to expel, or terminate the student. Each tower is overseen by a High-Master who is a specialist in that type of magic. The school is composed of towers, one for each school of magic. Each level of the tower is accessible to those of certain rank among the Assembly. The assembly runs shops throughout Grove, and generate more money than any other house this way. It is rumoured that the wizards keep Kobolds on the island for use as servants, though none have ever been seen on the mainland.

In politics the Assembly is cut throat, in fact some of the most underhanded power plays in Grove are perpetuated by magus. A strong rivalry is encouraged between magi, both in the Academy, and the Assembly. Students and teachers alike must be on the look out for attack from their fellows. However there is one unspoken rule; do not get caught. Magus will silently applaud well executed power plays, but if there is even a scrap of evidence the entire assembly will come down on the individual. The assembly is seen by most as schemers, and indeed they have their hands in many plots around Grove.

Among the Magus is an affliction attributed with the use of magic since it is only ever seen among powerful magic users. This affliction is known as the heightening, since those who have it claim the gain a heightened sense of sight. Once contracted the magic users eyes turn red, and their pupils black.
They wear tight leather-like vests over loose sleeved shirts, and tight pants, with high boots. They are adorned with pouches, potions, and scroll tubes, which are attached to vests, or strapped to legs. The crest of the assembly is at the centre of the vest

Their colours are Midnight Blue with a silver crest of a single open eye with geometric designs in the pupil.

The Assembly

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